Little Feet Farm is owned by the idealistically driven White Ryder family, Stu, Luna and our three daughters Jamillah, Seneka and Indrani.


The farm began to become a reality in spring 2005, and grew out of a empty 5 acre paddock in the forested hills above Gladysdale in the Yarra Valley.  Inspired by Permaculture design and many philosophies of natural food growing, we are carefully crafting a highly productive, diverse, sustainable, poison and chemical free, locally focused food production paradise.

Our goal is to produce the best tasting, nutrient dense, vibrant vegetables possible, whilst at the same time improving the health of our soils, minimizing impacts to the environment, and helping to building a strong resilient community.


We believe the best way to achieve this is through small scale locally focused farms practicing regenerative agriculture techniques and producing a diverse harvest.

Our name reflects our motivation, to tread lightly and to leave a small footprint, we see ourselves as guardians, and hope to leave our farm in an improved condition for future generations.

Over the last 10 years, we have trailed and implemented many regenerative techniques on our 1 acre market garden, improving the health of our soils and building a thriving farm ecosystem. We actively build compost, grow green manure crops and rotate free range poultry to enrich our soils, which are our greatest asset. They grow the best tasting seasonal veggies.

The beauty of being small is that we farm like gardeners, and garden like farmers.

We have never used herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or any other farm chemicals, and by having a diverse healthy farm ecosystem have no need to.

Our vegetable have been eaten by many in the local community since 2006. We have supported local farmers markets and operated our CSA veggie box scheme for many years, and have prioritised making our vegetables as accessible to as many in the community as possible.

We believe that the current industrialised agricultural and associated food system is taking our society in the wrong direction. Its monocultural chemical dependent practices, produces nutrient poor food, high in chemical residue. Combined with high calorie, nutrient depleted refined foods, it is contributing to many chronic illness’s and food allergies.

Little Feet Farm is committed to working with other like minded farms and community members to lead the way in building an alternative food system.

Together we can build a food culture that strengthens and educates communities, promotes health, celebrates seasonality and diversity, provides meaningful employment and leaves future generations to inherit soils full of life and the ability to feed themselves.